Who We Are.

What We Do.

What Is ScriPitch After All?

ScriPitch is a new way to share your script and film ideas. It doesn’t matter if it’s an independent documentary, a short, an animation or a Hollywood blockbuster. We are a group of people who are passionate about everything related to cinema, and that is precisely why we created ScriPitch. Also, this is precisely why it is free.

What do I get with ScriPitch?

You get a place to upload your blind scripts, ideas and links to video pitches, for example. On top of that, you can rate other users’ ideas and get ratings on your own. Our ultimate goal is to see good pitches becoming real productions.

Who is ScriPitch for?

ScriPitch is for professional and amateur scriptwriters, students, producers, directors, cinephiles, or anyone with good ideas, really. If you are just curious and want to check out other people’s pitches, feel free to join in too!

What do I NOT get with ScriPitch?

We will NOT send your blind scripts to thousands of producers and studios by email, simply because we hate SPAM. ScriPitch is NOT about spreading your ideas mechanically, but rather an environment where good scripts will be seen, rated and maybe get the attention of people who have the $$$ to invest in it.

Is that all?

No. ScriPitch is part of a bigger project, but we had to start with something.

This website is empty, why should I bother?

ScriPitch is a newborn, hence the little amount of content (for now). You should see this as an opportunity and call first dibs. After all, this could mean more chances of your script finding its way out of the typewriter.

I like your idealism. How can I help ScriPitch?

ScriPitch is 100% voluntary and independent. If you think you can give us a hand, it would be much appreciated. You can help us by creating your account (and submitting your ideas), giving feedback about the website, telling friends about ScriPitch or just by “liking” our Facebook page. If you work with cinema/tv/media and would like to endorse our idea, we would be delighted – let us know.


To contact us, write to contact@scripitch.com and we will definitely read it.